Expressive arts therapy is a innovative multi-modal approach that encourages human growth, development and healing.
Life/Art Process, a method developed at the Tamalpa Institute by the legendary Anna Halprin and co-founding director and pioneer in the field Daria Halprin. The Life/Art Process is a movement-based expressive arts approach that utilizes movement /dance, somatics, art making, poetic /creative dialogue /writing, sounding, improvisational performance, creative reenactments, and collaboration.
Our Bodies store negative and positive imprints. We often establish our sense of alignment around old emotional scripts and continue to organize ourselves around old traumas, patterns, beliefs and postures. We see in our bodies, posture, gestures in ways we move, how are we stuck, how are we holding and carry our life myth, our life stories, our emotional patterns. Each body part possesses archetypal life themes and trough this process we work with it.In this work your nervous system is encouraged to release and metabolize the trapped energy and restore its innate resiliency and inherent capacity to self-regulate. As a result, you can experience more freedom physically, emotionally and mentally.